Woolf Steel

Woolf Steel is a leading fabricator of structural steel for all types of construction projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. For over 80 years, our exacting attention to detail combined with industry leading technology has allowed us to produce the highest quality structural components. We are proud to showcase a sampling of our work in the Recent Projects section of our web site.

Our expert “Detailers” start the fabrication process by rendering unique shop drawings from the Architect’s design for every single piece of steel for your job. Material orders are then carefully developed by combining information from the drawings with lead times from the construction schedule in order to assure a timely jobsite delivery.

After customer approval of the shop drawings, our dedicated Project Manager coordinates the job requirements and the material orders with the Shop Foreman to prepare for actual fabrication. Once in production, our experienced fabricators utilize a variety of equipment and techniques to saw, drill, weld, and burn each structural member to within an accuracy of 1/16th of an inch. Rigid quality control procedures are applied during every step of the process.

The final step of the process typically involves a surface preparation to remove rust and loose debris, and a primer coat of rust-inhibitive paint. However, we can easily implement even the most difficult surface and paint requirements including: galvanizing, sandblasting, and epoxy coatings for architecturally exposed steel.

The entire process is managed by a team of experienced professionals who understand the importance of satisfying customer requirements and expectations. We utilize special industry software and other automated systems to properly manage the complex information requirements of the modern construction project. These needs range from tracking RFIs (Requests for Information) and drawings through the approval process, to creating cutting and shipping lists for production, developing Schedules of Values, WBSs (Work Breakdown Structures), and Change Order requests as the needs arise. We can also provide Mill Certificates to authenticate the domestic origin and chemical properties of the materials we use, which meet all federal, state, and environmental (LEED) requirements.